BLink FAQs

How do I connect to BLink?

You must have a Wi-Fi capable device and be inside one of the coverage areas. Enable wireless on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, select the BLink network, accept the terms and conditions, and connect. It’s that easy.

Who is paying for BLink?

BLink is funded by our partners who have donated money, time, materials, labor, or expertise to the project. No tax dollars are being used to install or maintain this project.

What is the purpose of BLink?

The purpose of BLink to provide reliable free community Wi-Fi to the citizens, visitors, and students in the coverage areas.

Who is responsible for BLink?

The Council Bluffs Area Wi-Fi Consortium (CBAWC) is the organization responsible for the planning, installation, and maintenance of the BLink Wi-Fi network. The CBAWC is an Iowa 28-E organization. The City of Council Bluffs and the Council Bluffs Community School District are partners in CBAWC.

How can I get help with BLink?

There is no in-home support for BLink. Council Bluffs Community School District students and parents can contact for assistance with BLink. Citizens can stop by the Council Bluffs Public Library where some staff members have been trained to assist community members.

Is BLink network secure?

The free community Wi-Fi is not a secure network. Users should not transmit highly sensitive, confidential or financial data on this network. The school district’s link to the student computers is a secure network and safe for students to use their school issued computers.

Is BLink filtered or monitored for content?

No, the community Wi-Fi component of BLink is an unfiltered and unmonitored connection to the Internet. School district devices connect to a separate BLink network that is filtered for students, just like the network inside the school buildings.

When will my neighborhood get BLink?

The goal is to provide the BLink network across the city where financially and technically feasible. Watch the BLink website for news and announcements of the next phases.

Can I cancel my home Internet service?

BLink is a low bandwidth community Wi-Fi to be used for web browsing, email, search, etc…It is not intended for media streaming (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, Roku) or gaming. BLink is not a replacement for carrier-based Internet service to the home.

Will I get BLink inside my home?

BLink is an outdoor Wi-Fi that is intended to get “to the door”. There is no guarantee of getting the signal inside your home. It is possible to purchase a signal repeater that can boost the BLink signal from outside into your home.

Can I boost the Blink signal into my home?

Yes, there are devices for sale that can amplify the signal inside your home. These devices are available from technology retailers in stores and online. Search for “Wi-Fi Network Extender”.

What if BLink doesn’t work at my house?

BLink’s goal is to deliver free community Wi-Fi to as many students and citizens as possible. There is no guarantee of connection at any single point in the community. BLink will make the best effort to blanket the city with a high-quality product wherever feasible.